Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatment performed in our practice

Would you like Whiter teeth?

Over the years teeth naturally darken and yellow. We have both in chair and take home teeth whitening options to help restore a spark of youth to your smile. 


Q: How does teeth whitening work?

A: The whitening solution penetrates your teeth and whitens them internally.  Unlike whitening toothpastes that strip the surface, the process is not abrasive and will not damage the external surface of your teeth

Q: What is the difference between a dental whitening and a beauty clinic?

A: The success of the whitening depends on the strength of the whitening solution.  Only Dental clinics have access to full strength whitening treatments.  Safe management of the whitening treatment to make sure there is no irritation to surrounding tissues requires expert care.  

Q: Does it hurt to have your teeth whitened? 

A: The whitening process dehyrates the teeth which can make them a little painful. We recommend that you are well hydrated prior to your appointment.