Snoring & Sleep disorders

What does snoring mean?

Persistent long term snoring,  is an alarm that something is wrong with the way a person is breathing and they may  not be getting enough oxygen while they are sleeping. Snoring or sleep disordered breathing can be a sign of sleep apnoea, which is when breathing completely stops for  a few seconds.  A sleep study can help determine the extent and severity of sleep apnoea . Depending on the cause of sleep apnoea, we can assist with treatment.  In children, heavy breathing may be cause for concern.

Signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing

In Children:

1. Bed wetting after the age of 4 years

2.Difficulty concentrating and disruptive behaviour  may have been diagnosed with learning difficulties

3.Bluish circles under the eyes

4.Lack of energy or hyperactive behaviour

5.Dental crowding

6.Teeth crowding

In Adults:

1. Fatigue and chronic tiredness

2.Prone to anxiety and depression

3.Difficulty losing weight

4.History of heart disease and thyroid disorders

5.Chronic headache and jaw pain