Sleep Dentistry and Sedation

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Nitrous oxide (happy Gas)

Nitrous oxide inhalation helps the patient to feel relaxed and in some cases happy, hence the name laughing gas.    Nitrous can be very useful when treating young children.  One advantage of Nitrous sedation is that the effects will wear off almost immediately after administration of nitrous ceases, which means it’s safe to drive home.

Oral Conscious Sedation

You will take tablets to help you relax and make you drowsy before your dental procedure. The tablets  may also have an amnesic effect, meaning you will not remember your appointment.  Because you will feel very drowsy you will need someone to drive you too and from your dental appointment and to stay with you afterwards.

Intravenous (IV Sedation) Sleep Dentistry

During intravenous sedation the sedative is administered by a trained sedationist into the veins.  Often the patient will fall asleep during treatment and will not remember it.  IV sedation is not the same as a general anaesthetic.   It is essential that you have someone to bring you to the appointment and stay with you afterwards.