Braces are still a fantastic option for straightening teeth in both teenagers and young adults.  New technology around design and mechanics of braces means more comfort and reduced treatment time. 


Clear aligners are a great way to straighten teeth without braces. It can take as little as nine months to transform your smile

Early Intervention Orthodontics

In some children with early signs of orthodontic problems such as severe crowding, treatment starts at the age of 8 years old.  Early treatment helps to grow and expand the jaw bones to create more space for the teeth to fit better.  This can help reduce the duration, or in come cases completely eliminate the need for future treatment and the need to remove permanent teeth.   We also offer pre orthodontic programmes for very young children to help grow and develop their jaws while they are still young and malleable.  

We  use fixed or removable plates and sometimes Myobrace therapy as part of our treatment to help create the best results for our patients.  We also focus on myofunctional therapy, which is like yoga for the face.  It helps all the muscles of the face and jaw work harmoniously and reduces the chances of orthodontic treatment relapse.

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