Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is the closest replacement we can provide for a missing tooth.  An implant is incorporated into the bone and functions very much like a natural tooth. 

More information about Dental Implants can be heard on the Mind, Body, Mouth Podcast, Episode 20.

Dental Implants FAQs

Q: When are Dental Implants used?

A: Dental Implants are the most effective solution for the replacement of a missing tooth

Q: Why can’t I just leave a gap?

A: You can if you wish, but the loss of a tooth can compromise  chewing function and in the long term lead to instability of the jaw joint

Q: Is the Implant surgery Painful

A: The surgery is usually quite straight forward.  A single tooth replacement implant surgery will take approximately one hour.  The discomfort afterwards is less than with a dental extraction

Q: How long will the implant last?

A: One of the biggest causes for failure is gum disease around the implant site.  For this reason we closely screen the condition of the surrounding gums and teeth to ensure we are placing the implant in a healthy site.  

Implant case performed by Dr Molloy