A dental filling is placed into your tooth to restore a hole created by dental decay, or to restore a chipped or broken tooth to it’s original shape. Sometimes a new filling will be used to replace old fillings that have broken or have decay underneath.  At Vitality Dental we use composite filling material.  Composite fillings resemble the natural tooth colour and do not contain any metal. Composite can be used to replace any amalgam fillings that you may wish to have removed.

How Long will my filling last?

A composite filling is expected to last an average of 10 years.  The longevity of a filling depends on it’s size, oral hygiene of the individual and placement technique. Smaller fillings will usually last longer than large ones.  Composite fillings are also very technique sensitive and will deteriorate quickly if not placed using the correct technique.  Our dentists  have been successfully placing composite fillings for many years.  

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