A dental filling is placed into your tooth to restore a hole created by dental decay, or to restore a chipped or broken tooth to it’s original shape. Sometimes a new filling will be used to replace old fillings that have broken or have decay underneath.  At Vitality Dental we use composite filling material.  Composite fillings resemble the natural tooth colour and do not contain any metal. Composite can be used to replace any amalgam fillings that you may wish to have removed.

Fillings FAQ

Q How long will my filling last?

A As with any dental work, fillings need to be looked after.  Maintenance includes good oral hygiene, and consuming a healthy low sugar, low acid diet.  Fillings that are well looked after can be expected to last between 10 to 15 years

Q What is composite made out of?

A All Composite Resins are made out of BPA free plastic


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