Vitality Dental

Vitality is the state of being strong and active, the power of giving continuance of life present in all living things.  

We strive to empower, educate and inspire our patients to regain control of their oral health through comprehensive, cutting edge dental care and service at every visit

Dr Vijaya Molloy  (Owner and Principal Dentist)

Transforming Health and Restoring Vitality through caring for your Oral Health

Have you been frustrated by the same dental problems repeatedly occuring. Do you feel as though you are constantly spending money on your teeth with no improvement? Vitality Dental Tuggerah can help break the cycle. We treat the cause of your problems not just the symptoms.

Vitality Dental Tuggerah is a member of the Australian Dental Association

1 Bryant Drive Tuggerah

Suite 413 Mariners Building, Tuggerah NSW 2259

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