Vitality Dental

A Unique Approach

Your Mouth is the gateway to your body and a Mirror to your overall Health

Vitality Dental Care Tuggerah  provides exceptional Dental experiences for those seeking a comprehensive, whole body approach to Dental care.  We consider not just your teeth, but your breathing, gut and jaw health and the impact of any chronic disease.  

Our unique personalised service provides all aspects of Dental care at the highest possible standard using the latest in technological advances to ensure  you  and your loved ones only receive the very best.

Our ‘wellness’ based progressive approach, ensures we  treat the cause of Dental Disease not just the symptoms. 

Dr Vijaya Molloy  (Owner and Principal Dentist)

Transforming Health and Restoring Vitality through caring for your Oral Health

Vitality Dental Tuggerah is a member of the

Australian Dental Association

1 Bryant Drive Tuggerah

Suite 413 Mariners Building, Tuggerah NSW 2259

Ph: 4314 0660


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